Shungite Gemstone: Shungite grounds you to mother earth, creates security and energy, supports, gives us permission to explore, clears and balances your aura and aligns all of your chakras, enhances your metaphysical abilities, assists in your spiritual evolution, clears, aligns and connects you within, facilitating your move towards greater awareness and authenticity, shields you agains negative energies of all kinds: thoughts and emotions or those of others, including EMF and environmental smog energies. Shungite will protect you. 


Crystal pyramids are said to be powerful for manifesting your desires. Their strong base acts as an anchor for your intention. The apex of the pyramid sends the intention out into the universe. It doesn’t matter if it’s a self-serving stack of cash you want to manifest or sending out compassion to all beings, pyramid crystals will assist you by sending your intentions to new heights.

Shungite Gemstone Pyramid 50mm