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A great little collection of gemstones to support you on your journey.  Place them in your pocket, under your pillow, at your desk/car or anywhere you need the energetic support.  Comes in an organza with a description card of the stones. 



  • Rose Quartz: Washes away negativity with it's association to the element of water and tells us to love ourselves and others unconditionally.


  • Clear Quartz:  Brings clarity and focus with vibrations of pure white light that removes blockages or obstacles in your path.    


  • Citrine: It is known as the success stone and helps with manifesting abundance.  It promotes a sunny attitude and confidence.  


  • Shungite: Minimizes the harmful effects of tech devices and EMF's.  The stone is very grounding and good for overall wellness.  


  • Black Tourmaline: A grounding root chakra stone that assists in letting go of fear, anxiety and chaotic energy.


**This is a sample of the kit you will receive. Each stone is unique and beautiful with slight variations and sizes will vary.


**All metaphysical and healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions.


Mercury In Retrograde Medicine Pouch

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