Timeless Remedies Events

We are having events again!!!

Guided Meditation - with Whitney Sauvé

Cost is $15 per person, pre-payment required, call 770-224-6993 or click for ticket link

Feel free to bring a meditation cushion, yoga bolster or pillow and a blanket to make yourself nice and comfortable for the meditation.

Saturday April 10 @ 4:30 PM  "Calling Back Your Power"

During this meditation, you'll harness the energy of the Aries New Moon to go inside, take back control of your life, and move forward through this spring season -recharged.

Sunday April 25 @ 4:30 PM  "Appreciating and Releasing the Outdated"

Full moons illuminate dark places. This Scorpio Full Moon is said to be emotionally intense, bringing our shadow self to the surface. Take the opportunity to use this time of self reflection to grow more confident in all parts of your being.

Thursday May 13 @ 6:30 PM  "Nurturing Your Playful Side"

This Taurus New Moon encourages us to give in to our more child-like nature. Whether it's more laughter, spontaneity, or releasing ones self out of the chain of cyclical duties to enjoy your life again, you can find that spark within.

Sunday May 23 @ 4:30  "Letting Go, Lunar Style"

This full moon comes complete with a lunar eclipse! Sagittarius, the Archer, is prompting us to release our bow. What are you ready to let go of? Use this powerful moon occurrence as a symbol of self love.

Thursday June 10 @ 6:30  "Heart & Third Eye Connection"

New Moon in Gemini is asking us "what needs to change?" You'll be guided into your heart space and to your intuition to bring about the change(s) you desire. If moving from the heart, you can always be sure that you're on the right path. Moving from an intuitive place, your path is illuminated.

Thursday June 24 @ 6:30  "Illuminating & Releasing the Shadow Self"

Full Moon in Capricorn can feel a bit serious. This full moon cycle is highlighting deeper emotions like guilt and worry, but don't fret. This meditation is designed to give you a safe space to truly release the pressure valve these emotions have on our lives. 


Close Encounters of the Spiritual Kind, with Brenda Staab

May 6th @ 6:30 PM

Cost is $25, Registration and prepayment is required  Call 770-224-6993 or click for ticket link   

A group platform to share and discuss your experiences of the Spiritual Kind.   Encounter of the Spiritual Kind usually have an other worldly sensation and a message that may be rather cryptic.  The advantage of being with like minded people is the safe space we create as well as gaining insight from the input of others.  Please join Brenda for this unique gathering.  

Meeting once a month on the 1st Thursday of every month @ 6:30 pm to 7:30


Thermographic Imaging at Timeless Remedies

March 2 @ 1- 5 PM

April 12 @ 1 - 5 PM

May 5 @ 1:30 - 5 PM

June 8 @ 1 - 5 PM

July 28 @ 1:30 - 5 PM

August 18 @ 1:30 - 5 PM

Sept. 14 @ 1 - 5 PM

Nov. 16 @ 1:30 - 5 PM

Dec. 7 @ 1 - 5 PM

Mobile Thermographic Imaging will be at Timeless Remedies. This non-invasive thermographic scan is a clinical imaging procedure for detecting and monitoring various diseases and injuries by showing thermal abnormalities in the body, and may provide an opportunity for earlier detection of those abnormalities. Some examples of abnormalities that may be detected or monitored include: breast disease, inflammatory breast cancer, fibrocystic activity, carpal tunnel, arthritis, headaches, back injuries, nerve damage, referred pain syndrome, stroke screening, and can monitor injury therapy progress.

Time slots are limited, and pricing varies by type of screening. Mobile Thermographic Imaging is FDA registered, safe, pain-free, includes no radiation or compression, and the report is completed by an MD.

For more information about Mobile Thermographic Imaging and to reserve a time please visit www.Atlanta-Breast-Thermography.com or call 678-688-8986.


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