Timeless Remedies Events

We are having events again!!!

Guided Meditation - with Whitney Avrit

Cost is $15 per person, pre-payment required, call 770-224-6993 or click for ticket link

Feel free to bring a meditation cushion, yoga bolster or pillow and a blanket to make yourself nice and comfortable for the meditation.

Sunday January 30 @ 2:00 PM  "Root Chakra Balance"

The Root Chakra is located at the base of your spine and is the first of the seven major energy centers on the body. Your root chakra is associated with feeling grounded and safe. This meditation is designed to bring balance to those energies, leaving you with a sense of belonging and surefootedness.

Sunday February 6 @ 2:00  "All About Heart"

February is the month of love! This meditation is meant to tune your heart strings and activate the unconditional love within. At times that unconditional love is directed towards others. What would happen if you turned that powerful energy on yourself, or even challenging relationships in your life?

Sunday February 27 @ 2:00  "Intuition Activation"

The Intuition Activation guided meditation brings awareness and balance to the third eye chakra. In this meditation you will learn tools to activate this most precious tool we all have within. Activating and developing your intuition can be of great value as you navigate through life.

Saturday March 12 @ 4:30  "Sacral Chakra: Tapping the Inner Power"

The Sacral Chakra is often misunderstood to be all about sexual energy. It's way more that that! It is the foundation of our creativity, our own healing energy, our freedom, and the hobbies we are passionate about. The sacral Chakra is also a place where we can give and recieve divine love, often in the form of reproduction. Whitney's meditation is created with all of this in mind. Feel connected to this power and allow yourself to reflect on passions that you've fogetten about entirely or the new ones emerging.

Sunday March 20 @ 2:00  "Spring Equinox Celebration"

The symbolism that surrounds the Spring Equinox is felt throughout so many nations and cultures. Having made it through winter: a time where the days are shorter, temps drop, animals hybernate, many crops are done producing, ect. Spring is a reminder that we've made it! We've weathered the storm. Light and warmth are blossoming. All around us we will soon see nature bloom, bees buzzing, birds singing, and we will be more active outside in nature. In meditation we will use this archetype to give gratitude for our own "winter" and celebrate the abundance budding all around.

Introduction to the Amazing World of Crystals ~ with Maria Harrison

Saturday,October 9 @ 12:00

Cost is $50

Registration and prepayment is required  Call 770-224-6993 or click for ticket link    

Have you ever wondered how crystals work or what you should do with them?  How are they used for healing, manifesting and protection?  In this class we will look at 11 of the most popular stones, how and when to use them, the power of intention, how to cleanse and recharge them, and how to use a pendulum. You will discover how to pick crystals that are right for you and fit your needs.


*Included in the cost of the class is a great reference book and a collection of the 11 crystals featured in the class.

Thermographic Imaging at Timeless Remedies

Sept. 14 @ 1 - 5 PM

Oct. 19 @ 1 - 5 PM

Nov. 16 @ 1:30 - 5 PM

Dec. 7 @ 1 - 5 PM

Mobile Thermographic Imaging will be at Timeless Remedies. This non-invasive thermographic scan is a clinical imaging procedure for detecting and monitoring various diseases and injuries by showing thermal abnormalities in the body, and may provide an opportunity for earlier detection of those abnormalities. Some examples of abnormalities that may be detected or monitored include: breast disease, inflammatory breast cancer, fibrocystic activity, carpal tunnel, arthritis, headaches, back injuries, nerve damage, referred pain syndrome, stroke screening, and can monitor injury therapy progress.

Time slots are limited, and pricing varies by type of screening. Mobile Thermographic Imaging is FDA registered, safe, pain-free, includes no radiation or compression, and the report is completed by an MD.

For more information about Mobile Thermographic Imaging and to reserve a time please visit www.Atlanta-Breast-Thermography.com or call 678-688-8986.