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Guided Meditation and Sound Bath

Presented by Christy Strickland

Cost is $15

Saturday, April 18th @ 11:11 am - Sacred Lotus 

What a great time to start a meditation practice.  This year you can create more peace and balance in your life with meditation. 

Join Christy for a beautiful guided meditation with sound bath featuring crystal chakra bowls, Tibetan bowls and more. She will guide you through an hour long meditation that will leave you feeling clear, focused and calm yet energized. 

Seating is limited. Call Timeless Remedies at 770-224-6993 to reserve your space today.

You may also send us an email to reserve your spot by clicking here

Past Life Regression

Presented by Laura Bogen

Session cost is $25


Next Date To Be Announced

Laura will be here with her very popular Past Life Regression. Our customers rave about this experience and many come back again and again! Give us a call and put your name on the list while there's still time.  
She will guide you into a deep meditative state where you will be able to see a past life.  In doing so, you can discover connections that may explain certain patterns in your life, as well as certain likes, fears, talents, relationships, etc.

In addition to interesting discussion, there is often time left for second exercise in visualization such as meeting a spirit guide, connecting with energy, or some other relevant healing practice.

Laura Bogen, C.Ht. is a certified hypnotherapist trained in the QHHT method and has been facilitating these groups for over three years with great success. 


Seating is limited to 10 participants and fills up fast! Please call 770-224-6993 to reserve your space or email info@timelessremedies.net


February 12th @10:30 - 12:30

Are you dealing with chronic sensitivities that are challenging?

Would you like relief from Springtime allergies?

What if you could remove these symptoms in a non-invasive way?

Are you looking for help feeling better and getting your body to heal?

*** This Event is full.  Please let us know if you are interested in attending the next Rebalance event.



Amy and Lorraine are bringing ReBalance to Timeless Remedies

They will be doing a classroom style explanation about how ReBalance works, how our bodies are amazingly made to heal, and steps you can take to recover from irritating symptoms. They would like to show you how they can reduce or eliminate symptoms from sensitivities.

Afterward, they will run your unique scan, using biocommunication. They will also give you a FREE $50 emotions treatment. The emotions are a great way to feel how the process works, but also make you feel calmer and overall lighter while dealing with daily stressors. Please join Amy and Lorraine!

Seating is limited.  Please call 770-224-6993 or email info@timelessremedies.net to reserve your space today!

Manifesting Workshop 

by Laura Bogen


February 29 @ 1 - 4 pm


Cost is $75 per person* - Prepayment required.

Learn some of the most effective techniques for consciously creating your reality.

By now, you’ve heard of manifesting abundance and creating your own reality, as it’s become quite a popular in the past few years with books such as ‘The Secret’ hitting the mainstream bookstores. Perhaps you’ve even tried enacting the ‘Law of Attraction’ with varying results, usually inconsistent or none at all.

And there is a reason for this.

The issue is that everyone is trying to utilize the same technique even though we are all unique individuals. Each one of us responds differently to certain circumstances and stimuli, so it makes sense that each of us requires a manifesting technique that suits our unique belief systems, vibrations, and goals.
This is where the mainstream media is limited.
During this Manifestation Workshop hosted by practitioner Laura Bogen we will touch base on a couple of popular techniques, but more so focus on lesser-known techniques intended to shift your reality by aligning you with the frequency of abundance in a way that suits YOU. We have a variety of techniques to survey because everyone responds differently to different tools and concepts.
All you need is an open mind, an optimistic attitude, and no expectations.
This is an interactive workshop that utilizes tools, intention, visualization, and concepts to
broaden your perspectives and understanding of real universal laws that effectively result in change.
Tools will be supplied.

*Seating is limited to 8 people. Call 770-224-6993 to register and pre-pay.

Thermographic Imaging at Timeless Remedies

February 19 @ 1:30

March 3 @ 1:30

April 8 @ 1:30

Mobile Thermographic Imaging will be at Timeless Remedies. This non-invasive thermographic scan is a clinical imaging procedure for detecting and monitoring various diseases and injuries by showing thermal abnormalities in the body, and may provide an opportunity for earlier detection of those abnormalities. Some examples of abnormalities that may be detected or monitored include: breast disease, inflammatory breast cancer, fibrocystic activity, carpal tunnel, arthritis, headaches, back injuries, nerve damage, referred pain syndrome, stroke screening, and can monitor injury therapy progress.

Time slots are limited, and pricing varies by type of screening. Mobile Thermographic Imaging is FDA registered, safe, pain-free, includes no radiation or compression, and the report is completed by an MD.

For more information about Mobile Thermographic Imaging please visit www.Atlanta-Breast-Thermography.com or call 678-688-8986.

To reserve your time, please contact Timeless Remedies at 770-224-6993 or email info@timelessremedies.net


How To Meditate Effectively, Every Time

Stay tuned for our next class date!

Presented by Brenda Staab, Professional Psychic, Medium, Channel, Teacher

If there is a class you would like to see offered, please let us know via our contact page!

All Events are on hold until further notice.  

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