Karon Wright, Aboriginal Crystal Healer

Crystal Healing With Karon


Karon Wright is a Certified Sustainable Living Coach, Foody Enthusiast and an Aboriginal Crystal Healer.


Karon studied Aboriginal Crystal Healing, also known as the Maori Traditional Healing System which was passed down locally through Grandfather Yellow Horseman, Peace Elder.  The Maori healing system was taught in ancient times when people were closer to the understanding of nature energy ~ utilizing vibration, sound and prayers to activate the crystals.


Karon gently aligns and balances the chakras in a way that will make you feel relaxed, refreshed, and renewed.


Karon has a passion for the mind-body-spirit connection and Crystal Healing is the perfect way to tie them altogether.


Crystal Healing is all about love:


"Love of yourself and others and acceptance of yourself and others. Anyone can benefit from Crystal Healing. Age doesn’t matter."

Crystal Healing

Call Timeless Remedies at  770-224-6993 to schedule your appointment with Karon. 


Pricing:  $65 per Session (Sessions are approximately 45 minutes)