Brenda Staab, Professional Teacher, Channel, Medium, Psychic


Throughout my life I've had many personal experiences, practiced years of ongoing study, and trained with metaphysical practice. Now, I am ready to use this experience to bring you the dreams you seek, help answer your questions, and explain experiences for you to practice and learn from. 


I have many different types of sessions available for booking in the realm of readings, consultations, mentoring, and healing. A few of them are: 


  • Bringing information from Guides, Angels, and Loved Ones who have crossed over

  • Guidance for helping understand your Life Purpose and Life Lessons

  • Life Path readings for your love, health, career, and family

  • Removing attachments and allowing healing on all levels 

This is only a snapshot of what I am available for. It is my honor to connect with you and 

I'm delighted to help bring forward this part of your Spiritual Being. 

If you're interested in learning more about what I do, visit my website for more information! 

You are welcome to call or text me with your questions at 404-376-3656.

Find me on Facebook or email me at

I am happy to schedule an appointment with you at Timeless Remedies most any day except Sunday.  I love the energy here with Maria Harrison and hope you will inquire with her to schedule time with me.

Never Give Up on Your Dreams

Brenda Staab, Dream Catcher

Trance-Medium, Channel

Call Timeless Remedies at 770-224-6993 to schedule your appointment with Brenda. 

Rates are:  $125 ~ hour, $75 ~ half hour